Having a passion for helping people hear in South Jersey for over 35 years takes talent and a commitment to excellence. Every person's hearing loss and needs are different and must be treated with an individual approach.

When Scott first opened in 1985 he was determined to put people's needs first and has since built up five locations. He believes in building lifelong relationships and treating people like family. He has gathered a staff that is focused on helping you through your journey to better hearing.

Our belief is that hearing is precious and when you start to lose it, it becomes a hindrance to your lifestyle and relationships. We can prevent your hearing from keeping you from the people and activities you love.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson, Owner

Hearing Aid Dispenser, NJ License #484

Scott Wilson is a South Jersey native that started fitting hearing aids in 1983. He opened his first location in Medford, NJ in 1985.

Scott's desire to fit hearing aids that are the best in the industry has caused him to constantly change and update his products to the latest technology. He never settles for what was good yesterday but continues to find new ways to help people hear and understand.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world. My business isn't a job to me, I love what I do!"



Kirsten Corcoran

Hearing Aid Dispenser, NJ License #1123

Kirsten became a Hearing Aid Dispenser in 2007. She was trained by audiologists in an ENT setting for the last 12 years. Her focus is to ensure the proper fitting of hearing instruments for each person’s needs according to their hearing loss, daily activities, and lifestyles. Everyone's daily activities are different which makes each individual experience with hearing loss unique. Kirsten strives to help everyone hear and understand to the best of their ability with the latest technology available for their best quality of life.


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